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1 Jul, 2020

I first met Carole at the WINK networking group, so when it came to creating more informative and extensive content for my site, who better to ask about writing a jewellery and fashion guest blog than Carole of Wardrobe Wake-Up! This is her first time writing a blog and I hope you feel as I do: incredibly informed. Ema

Jewellery can take an ordinary outfit and make it spectacular.

When choosing your jewellery there are three significant things to bear in mind.

  • Let the jewellery and accessories tell the story OR your clothes but not both unless you want to look dramatic.
  • Don’t match your earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring it looks dated.
  • One statement piece only. Not statement earrings and necklace for instance. They will just fight with each other and the impact will be lost.

It is said in image consulting that there are 6 “personalities” I would argue there are more but for now let’s stay with the 6 best known ones, which are –

  • Classic
  • Natural
  • Romantic
  • Creative
  • Dramatic
  • City Chic/European

Accessories should express your personality, add something more to your outfit, be appropriate for the occasion and enhance what you are wearing.

You should also consider –

  • Style – What is your style?
  • Colour – Do you have a warm or cool skin tone. * Your accessories around your face should be in the same tone.
  • Texture – what are you wearing and does your jewellery compliment it for instance a chunky necklace would look great on a chunky sweater, but a delicate piece would look out of place.
  • Proportion – take note of your neck length and the scale of your features.
  • Material – what material would you like to your accessories to be made of. Gold, Silver, Copper, Wood, Amber, Pearls, Precious/semi-precious stones, other metals, plastic, leather fabric, feathers.
  • Shape – Does your jewellery compliment your face shape and features.
  • Character – does your jewellery express your character.

How do you want to look? What is your image personality type? Most of us are a combination. What do you want to express about yourself today with your clothes and accessories?

The 6 ‘Personalities’

Classic style is simple, neat, traditional, for example pearls, small studs, and small hoops in either gold for warm skin tones or silver for cool skin tones. Small, neat necklaces and pendants.

Natural this person likes natural materials, and simple designs e.g. wooden jewellery which looks really good on chunky winter sweaters. Copper and Amber also works well if you have warm skin tone.

Romantic types like floaty fabrics and femininity. They choose jewellery similarly, e.g. floral necklaces and earrings, delicate shapes and proportions, soft colours. They may choose shapes from nature such as flowers, animals or plants. They may take their inspiration from the past.

Creative people may be drawn to hand made pieces that they find in art galleries, craft shops and markets. They like lots of colour and interesting, original designs.

Dramatics like bold “look at me” jewellery and lots of it. They love large pieces made of anything from feathers to fabric to leather. They may also dress dramatically and will really catch attention.

City chic/European otherwise known as “classic with an edge” chooses high quality and well-made pieces in precious stones, gold, silver, diamonds, hand made and unusual pieces. She will choose perhaps a classic shape, but it will be large and made of a high-quality material. She will accessorise with maybe just one stunning piece of jewellery and a fabulous belt or bag and the rest of the look will be more conservative, but she will really stand out.

Guest Blogger

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My business, “Wardrobe Wake-up” is a bespoke service that will change your life.

Wardrobe Wake-up is a personalised, professional, wardrobe decluttering, wardrobe planning, styling, colour analysis and personal shopping service.

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Below is a bit of information about the jewellers whose images of their work have featured in this jewellery and fashion guest blog.

Fabulous handmade jewellery made near Ulverston, Cumbria.” Don’t just take my word for it, CA Creations offers a unique selection of individual pieces, everyday jewellery and her recycled range: Re-Creations.

jewellery fashion guest blog
ca creations

Based in the Royal historic City of Lancaster UK, Emaz Beadz makes jewellery with gemstones at its heart. Her creations are handmade and have a unique flare.

jewellery fashion guest blog
emaz beadz