2 Sep, 2021

I’m sure that you have noticed already as to what this blog is about – I am no longer operating under Emaz Beadz. The new name that I am operating under is She Shed Gems. And this is a blog as to how I came to that name and the path I took.

To be fair, it’s a great film. In my opinion, highly underrated. By the guy who brought us Ghostbusters (the original, not the all female cast one). Who knew that a household/bathroom product could save the planet? I’ll let you watch the film to find out what I’m talking about.

But I’m not here to talk about an early 2000s film. No. I’m here to talk about my jewellery.

My story, so far

Emaz Beadz was a name I came up with on a weekend away and starting a blog. My name is Emma and I use beads in my work. Simple. A name that stands out. Different.


Although I got into jewellery making, I also got into silver-smithing. Deep down it’s my favourite thing to do. Unfortunately I could only do this at a workshop once a week and had no room to continue at home. I was able to create more of a costume style at home.

As the years progressed, the silver-smithing workshop closed and I was creating more and more stock of the costume style. Trying to sell online (still need to work on that, it is amazing how much work does need to go into an online presence, I am still trying to get to grips with how much work) as well as attending craft fairs.

My creations were exactly what I was trying to sell, with both myself and brand, by using beads in my work. And it gets a bit… restrictive.

There’s a heck of a lot of people who are using the recent Covid-19 pandemic as a moment of clarity, a moment of time to look at what they are doing and what they want to keep and/or change.

And like with most things, I seem to come late to that party.

Moment to re-brand

I was at home and I realised that although Emaz Beadz is a different and quirky name. There have been difficulties with it. Spelling is the first obstacle. People tend to type Emma’s Beads. Well, Emma is my name, why would you think I have spelt it with just one ‘m’? Then there’s adding the ‘z’ on the end of both words.

As I said, because of using the word beads in my business name, I was feeling restrictive. How can I create new and exciting things with beads? There is only so much you can do. After that, your momentum falters and you just don’t want to create anymore.

It doesn’t help when you see competitors doing really well, but as I try to keep saying to myself: their circumstances are different to mine. I don’t know what they had done or what they needed to do to get to where they are. It’s still a knock to the self-confidence all the same.

What I make is good. It sells. Okay, it won’t allow me to leave my job, but (when I put my mind to it and get my head around it) there are people who like my work and purchase it.

Jewellery is more of a luxury item, not a necessity. Another obstacle I face in trying to sell. Then there’s the fact that jewellery isn’t for everyone. I honestly get that. I think I wrote a blog about it, or at least something on my social media.

So a new name. Something that means that I am not restricted in my creations. Something that means that I can purchase silver-smithing equipment and begin making small items in order to build up to make bigger items. This is expensive – not only the equipment, but silver is expensive (due to the pandemic) and any silver items over 7g in weight has to be hallmarked and that costs. Getting your own hallmark and then posting it to the Assay office you register with.

A new name

I’d come up various names:

Fairy Elephant Jewellery.

Yep, sounds daft but there is a reason. It was a childhood nickname. Whenever I came down the stairs, mum would call me a fairy elephant. Thinking about it, she was probably being nice. More or less telling me that I am heavy footed (like an elephant), but used fairy to soften the blow. Maybe she should have just called me an elephant as nothing has changed. I can still be quite heavy footed and not just walking up and down the stairs. Just in general.

There is another business called Fairy Elephant Designs and although I contacted her to see if she was okay with me having a similar name, which she was, I still wanted to think about a name that would not only describe my creations but me as well.

Pink Rose Jewellery.

I’m not the colour’s biggest fan. Love the singer though. I’m Lancashire born and bred, but my dad is from Yorkshire. What happens when you mix red and white? You get pink. The county emblems are roses, so it fits quite well! And it’s a really good excuse as to why you are a little bit strange!

Aurum Gemmis.

Latin for gemstone jewellery. Well jewellery gems if we are being literal, but it also means gold gems. Aurum means gold as well as jewellery. Gemmis means gems. That’s the type of jewellery I make; my jewellery creations always have an element of gemstones. It doesn’t reflect me per-say, nor my jewellery but I hope it makes people think as to what I do create.

The Name

The name is hopefully going to reflect me more that my other business name. People can spell it for starters! I would like my brand of jewellery to inform people that my creations are different, quirky, for all occasions as well as affordable. I would also like it to reflect me. Somehow. Possibly that I am taking the creating and the selling of my jewellery seriously, but that I am approachable, friendly and show an element of fun.

I ended asking people what was one of the first things they thought of either about me or my creations. Most people went with my creations. I mean, if they think I’m exquisite I will very happily take it! Unique was another word. I believe I am unique, although I was gifted a tote bag that says ‘I’m not weird, I’m limited edition’, which is probably more accurate.

The one word that crept up a lot was ‘gems’. So this would be my basis to create a new name.

Em’s Gems? Gem Jewellery by Emma? I asked the WINK networking ladies for some help and I’m incredibly grateful for their suggestions and advice.

The process was, I’d come up with a name and search online to see if it was taken. Most of them were and to me it does matter if they are not in the UK. They might not be registered in the UK as a business, but I don’t want to share the same name and quite possibly get some aggro for it. Hence why I asked Fairy Elephant Designs if they were OK with me having a similar name.

Then, it dawned on me. When I first got my shed a member of WINK called it a ‘she shed’. If you follow me on social media, I do use the hashtag ‘shed shed’ and ‘she shed work’, so I have now finally settled on:

she shed gems
She Shed Gems logo

She Shed Gems.

I have a shed where I create my jewellery and crafts. And the jewellery and crafts almost always incorporate gems. Plus people can spelt it. Saying it is another matter, as it’s quite like the tongue twister about the woman selling things on a beach.

(For brief information about my shed, check out an older blog I wrote.)

So it’s sorted (and I did look to see if there was anyone else going with this name and there is someone in America, but she deals with sheds and furniture and we are completely different. So there).

The next was a logo. I wanted to try and do it myself, to incorporate the name, a shed, gem/gems and the existing colour scheme.

I have a Canva account and that’s all well and good, until you realise that you are a bit limited because you have the free version, therefore limited to the amount of free images you can use. I could pay for an image, but I couldn’t be arsed!

After consultation with family, using both Canva and Paint 3D by the fourth attempt I created my new logo:

I wanted to keep existing colours and the font I was currently using in social media posts. I like it! As you can see above, this is the She Shed Gems logo: a shed with a gem at the top. Nice and simple.

The Next Stage

Urgh. (Image me rolling my eyes when I came to realise this.)

When you have already booked onto a couple of craft fairs, it’s coming up with a moment to change things over. There is also knowing how long it will take for my new name to change over (I seem to remember FB giving a few days before it changes names) and to sort out my website.

Ah yes, the website. I like the existing layout, so all that really needs to change is the domain name. And then moving things over? I’m not sure what the process is on that.

It’s at this point I should really mention that I am writing this as it’s happening. It’s not a ‘oh this it what happened’. No this is ‘it’s happening now and I have just realised something as I am writing’.

Must speak to my web technician about that…


That’s when things should change over. I must cancel my Made Me subscription. It was worth a shot, but I should really try to do things myself and I will also have more control over how my products are seen and advertised.

Yeah, September would be an excellent month to change over and announce my new name. I’ll be back at work though. I had a change in hours, which means that I can spend more time in promoting She Shed Gems rather than making stuff then worry how on earth am I going to sell them.

There is plenty of free resources out online to help me ‘get out there’ and to sell my products. So long as I put the effort in and the time, it should work.

This might sound daft, I bought a desk over the summer, so now I actually have somewhere to sit and work. I was setting up on the kitchen table, but you’re time limited to get things done. So now with my own desk, I can start something and come back to it later. Which in turn means, that I can put the time in to work on She Shed Gems.

Things are happening…

I have 50% off my Made Me shop until the end of August. People will have to use the coupon code in order to get the offer. Some have already bought, which is great.

Made Me was a good thing to try out, but I felt that I couldn’t concentrate on my own website and e-shop when I was uploading onto Made Me. Plus, it took them a while to start promoting on their social media pages and it felt that they left it to shop owners to plug and promote on their FB group. We pay an annual subscription, so some of that should go towards advertising and promotions by them, not just leaving it to us to do all the leg work. Well, that’s how it felt to me, but maybe it was because I wasn’t putting enough effort in.

So maybe some of that was my fault.

That is going to change though. I have bought new business cards and stickers. I have downloaded so many free content planners from Facebook, it’s unbelievable! Hopefully this is going to help me, prompt me into getting a better social media presence and gather sales and more people to my email list.

I have also spoken to my web technician about moving my website over. I have a new website domain www.sheshedgems.co.uk and my current website just needs a name change, the ‘about’ section changed (of which this blog is included as a link), with Emaz Beadz having just one page saying that I have moved… must come up with an image for that.

I am hoping that this will happen over August Bank Holiday. I’m going back to work at the start of September and I would really like to get as much of this sorted before then.

The amount of to-do lists I am creating is getting ridiculous.

Moving… Website?

August Bank Holiday Monday is the day! Both me and my technician are trying to make the job easier for each other. To-do lists, etc.

All I wanted was a name change and a few other changes on the site, everything else I like (colours, layout) and will hopefully keep. The added ‘Testimonial’ page will be great. Once again, I am so unaware as to what goes on into making a website and getting images right.

It was this morning when I realised that my new business card has my new logo on, whilst the stickers I have ordered have the logo before my new one. If that makes sense. It’s not a huge deal, but I am slightly annoyed. It will be changed when I reorder.

My hope is to get as much sorted today as possible. The ideal would be to officially launch on September 1st. Which could be achievable. Depending on how much we get done today.

September 1st

Well, the website has a new name!! I have officially started as She Shed Gems.

There are still so many things to sort. My new business cards and stickers have arrived, I’ve realised I need to sort out my craft fair display. I made a table runner, but this time I think I will get a banner done professionally. There’s a place in Morecambe…

I also have to go through my site. Most of my products have links to Made Me. Not any more. I cancelled my subscription and my site is now gone. I now need to go through each and every product to change it – take off the Made Me link and actually find out postage costs. No one is going to buy if they don’t know if there is postage or not!

After looking at my shop and putting an item in the cart there is a ‘calculate shipping’. You put your address in and it calculates it – it’s standard Royal Mail, 2nd Class Signed For, which actually needs updating as The Royal Mail have increased their prices.

I’m also trying to sort my social media presence. I did post something this morning, but I think I may have done that a bit early. Plus, I want to share my products but I can’t do that until I have gone through them!

Who said having and making your small business work was easy, eh?

This week is post at least one thing a day. I do have a content planner ready to follow, but I will leave that to start proper next Monday. So tomorrow, Friday and the weekend so long as I post at least one thing a day, I have reached my goal.

I also noticed that people can’t subscribe to my emails. But my technician is aware and he works, so I think that will also be sorted at the weekend. Keep checking in with that. I may have a VIP FB group, but subscribers get even more treats!


Well, I think that’s everything. I have tried to write this as it’s been happening and as far as I can tell, I have given you an idea as to what I have done and the path I travelled on to try and make my little business (which isn’t an official business, but sounds better than a hobby) reflect to what I make and the growth I’ve made.

I announced the She Shed Gems on social media, changed my profile names and I’m glad that it has had a positive response.

People have commented that She Shed Gems is a great name and I’m happy that this is the right decision. As I got quite nervous and worried that I was making a mistake with re-naming to She Shed Gems.