Bendrigg Trust
6 Aug, 2019

You may recall, back in March 2019, I attended a Gala dinner and shopping event with the networking group I am with – WINK: Women Interested in Networking Knowledge. It was to coincide with International Women’s Day.

I have written a blog post about it.

During both the Gala dinner and the shopping event, we held a raffle. The money raised went to the Bendgrigg Trust, an amazing £530 was raised – although, I think it was rounded up to £600, but I can’t say for sure.

Needless to say, they invited us to go and have a look around and see what they do and what they provide. So our August meeting was to be held at Bendrigg instead of The Villa Hotel at Levens.

WINK Goes Wild!

The view from the back

Considering the weather has been generally better than usual over the past few weeks, it didn’t come as much of a surprise when we went to Bendrigg and it rained on and off all morning. At times, the rain was that hard I thought I may be swimming rather than driving home.

Driving. I have not been to Bendrigg before, so you do the usual: check on Google Maps to see where it is and plan a route. Then, when the day actually comes you also put your sat-nav on to ensure that you get to your destination.

I didn’t go via the motorway, as my sat-nav was going to take me. I much rather prefer the ‘A’ roads. I was doing OK as I drove my way up to Burton-in-Kendal, following the instructions saying to myself “I have been this way before, I know where I am going.” Then I was told to take the next right.

I really don’t like one track roads. I always have that feeling of meeting someone coming in the opposite direction with the attitude of ‘I know these roads like the back of my hand‘. Usually, that’s what causes accidents. Luckily, I didn’t meet anyone.

So, it’s a primarily one track road and goes on for about 4 miles from the main road, but it felt longer. I was hoping that my sat-nav was taking me in the right direction. It’s amazing how much trust we put into technology these days. I saw a few buildings on my way which I hoped was Bendrigg, but no. It was about the fourth time that I said to myself “Is this the place?” when I reached my destination.

I was the first to arrive. There I am wandering around, not sure which building I go into to and asking anyone where WINK were meeting. Everyone I did ask were so helpful and there was about 12 of us from WINK who came, some brought their families/children for them to experience what Bendrigg do too. Not everyone could come due to other commitments and it is the summer holidays after all. I am sure there will be another opportunity.

It was Martha who showed us around. We went for a walk (whilst it was reasonably dry) around the grounds, as well as into some of the buildings. We also had to be careful, as there were groups on residential trips, so there were some places we couldn’t go and we also had to be aware of when and what we took pictures of. (Not to get any of those staying.)

As you can see, they have an indoor climbing wall, for all abilities. When I say all, I mean all. Children, teenagers and even adults who are wheelchair users can experience climbing and abseiling. If you do, you are braver than me. A Willow Walk and an assault course, they also have a play area at the bottom and the merry-go-round and swing are designed for wheelchair users. The place is to ensure that 99% of the site is accessible for all.

They also have a sensory room and an indoor caving experience, a few (sadly, not me) went in to explore, with hard hats and torches. The children who came I think really enjoyed themselves.

Our tour finished at lunchtime and we had a picnic in the meeting room, discussed other matters and one by one, made our departures. I noticed that they sold pin badges on our tour and bought myself one as I was leaving to add to my collection.

Bendrigg pin badge
Latest pin to my collection – please pop over to their site and have a look at what they offer. They are holding an open day Saturday 28th September, for everyone. There is a small fee to enter, but you get access to all their facilities.

Coming Home…

I used my sat-nav once again to guide me back to the A roads. I came across: a couple of cars (one who could’ve slowed down to allow me to get to the passing point), a tractor (slightly scary, but I was warned by a man walking his dog), a few horses (they were just being led to a field, not ridden) and last but no means least, just as I was getting to the main road. I saw it. I honestly think you won’t believe me. It answers that age old question.

What was it? I hear you ask. It was a chicken. I am not kidding you, I witnessed a chicken crossing the road. The answer to why was the chicken crossing the road? It looked like it was going from the Farm house to the Farm yard. So there you have folks. THAT’S why chickens cross roads.

I am really pleased that I was able to go and have a look around such an amazing charity. Their aim is to raise awareness of who they are and what they do, so I hope this little blog of mine will help to bring some awareness to the world.

See you next time…..