Redesigning of website – Part 1
13 Jul, 2019

My website looks OK doesn’t it? Although, it can look better. Well that is what my Web Designer has told me. My Web Designer is my brother and like those who live with people in the construction industry he works at a web developer company, so the last thing he wants to do is to redesign my site after a day of sorting out other people’s.

He suggested that before we start the redesign I should get myself a logo and once that’s done, he will then begin making the changes to my site. To be fair he did send me about 50 website designs for me to look over and see which one I preferred, so we had a starting point.

During this time, I contacted Polsadotty to ask if she could design my logo. This also links back to the benefits of networking, as Kerry (of Polskadotty) is a member of WINK and was happy that I came up with a (very) basic sketch of what I wanted my new logo to look like which she took away and used her amazing skills to create the final look. It wasn’t all my ideas though, as Becky from Enjo – who I sat next to during that meeting – helped me with the design too. Kerry had my design and sent me images of various fonts and it’s what you see now. She also sent me small and large labels of my logo and I really have to stop myself from sicking them on everything!!!!

Once all bought and paid for, my new logo has gone onto all my social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest as well as my Etsy shop. I also bought myself new business cards with a plain an simple design – with thanks to my brother for his input.

As regard to the website, we decided that the best thing to start with is the Home page and that’s what he is currently doing. As I am sat on his bed typing this new blog post. He has taken the design of my business card and is using it for the header of the Home page. He’s clever; being able to source the type of font (after I scrawled through Vistaprint to find the font I used in the first place – how was I supposed to know that he would match everything up!?) and matching the colours up.

We have an idea of the layout of the Home page, which will give us great indication as to how the rest of the pages will look. The new design won’t go live until we have sorted out the other pages, links and even the shop! Yes, I will be closing my Etsy shop once this will be up and running.

So now the header is done and like most Brits, we went and got ourselves a cup of tea (coffee in his case) and biscuits. Custard Creams, yum!! Whilst listening to Mastodon. He likes heavy metal. The guitar solos, riffs, whatever you call them are good to listen to.

He is adding my ‘elevator pitch’ and an image at the moment. He told me to think of a pitch for the Home page and I had to research what an elevator pitch was in the first place (turns out it’s a sales pitch long enough that will last the time it takes when in a lift – sorry, I’m British and we call them lifts not elevators) along with pitches that are jewellery based. The result is short, sweet and to the point.

Next is what will be the three featured items of my shop, but I don’t have a shop yet. So we are using three feature images of my work until we get the shop sorted. Well I think that’s the plan, hang on…

(asking brother is that is what we are doing)

Yep, that’s what we are doing.

Then it will be the last three blogs I have published… And I think that will be it for the day, unless we decided to do the About page which will be pretty simple. Similar header, the information I have typed up and emailed him, which he’ll copy and paste and most likely a couple of pictures taken from my social media accounts. Most of the pages will be quite quick to do I imagine, now that we have an idea of layout, etc as it will be the shop that will probably take up the most time. What with setting up Paypal, email confirmations, etc.

Stay tuned for Part 2…