Newsletter – A Blog Post
4 Apr, 2020

Since September 2019, every month I have been publishing a newsletter.

After thinking about what would go into my newsletter and asking what would readers (a term I prefer to subscribers) like, mine consists of a Mini Blog, Shop and Event details, an Item of the Month and a Crystal of the Month.

Why a Newsletter

I decided to do a newsletter in order to be in regular contact with customers, I am also hoping to be able to send out shop discount codes in the near future. The hope with publishing a newsletter is so that my subscribers can also consider my handmade jewellery when they are looking for a gift either for themselves or for someone they know.

Mini Blog

I do enjoy writing blogs, but there comes a point when you don’t know what to write and a small blog in a newsletter can bring readers up-to-date on what is happening at Emaz Beadz HQ. This can range from future plans that I wish to bring to my jewellery and craft making, to details of a mini break I have returned from.

At the bottom of each ‘min blog’, I insert a link to my blog page on my website in case the reader wishes to explore the other ‘full-length feature’ blogs I have written in the past.


The idea for this section of my newsletter was to provide updates of my shop, but now it just provides a link to my online shop and on occasions a bit of a summary. It is something that I am working to improve on. Both this section of my newsletter and my online shop in general.


For this section of my newsletter, I upload at least two event posters that are up-coming in the calendar in order to help promote and gain interest and footfall. Again, like all the other sections, this too has a link to the relevant page on my website.

Item of the Month

This did start off as a ‘For your consideration’ section. The idea being, that I would promote another local, independent business which would include a brief of their business and a link to either their website, Facebook page or both.

Now every month I choose an item from my shop to put it on display, so to speak. It ranges from earrings, stud earring, necklaces and sets – any piece of jewellery that I have made really.

Unlike the ‘Shop’ section, this part of my newsletter has a link to that particular item. For the month, it is also a pinned post at the top of my Facebook page.

Crystal of the Month

As I enjoy using crystals and gemstones in my work, I decided to incorporate crystals into the newsletter. I pick a crystal that I use in my jewellery and craft making and use the various information and meaning to make a short and concise overview of what it means, in some cases including the association to Chakras and Star signs. I also add a picture of the crystal that has been incorporated into a piece of my work.

My newsletters are published on the first Friday of every month and I always post on my social media pages that it may be best to check your inboxes and spam/junk mail folders as a reminder to those who have subscribed that they have received a new newsletter.


If you would like to subscribe to my FREE monthly newsletters and be in the know regarding shop and event updates, it is so easy to do. Click here which will take you to my home page. There you will see at the top of the page ‘Subscribe to my Newsletter’, click that and it will take to the subscribe form. All you need to fill in is your first name and a current email address.

And that’s it! So easy, quick and simple to do.

I hope to see that I have gained some more subscribers who are interested in the behind the scenes of a small independent jewellery maker from the Red Rose County of Lancashire, UK.