New Year, New Outlook and New Goals
1 Jan, 2019

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I hope that you are all well and that the festive period was a good one for you.

Back to it reality then, I suppose.

Of course, it’s now the time of year for the phrase new year, new me to be thrown around, that is of course up until mid-January (if you’re lucky) when we then realise that our will power isn’t really up to much, or that it’s a lot of money which can be spent and enjoyed elsewhere.

I’ve decided that I am going to start all of that next month. Research the best places to go. Get myself organised and see where I can fit everything in. Don’t know in which order yet but I’ll get it sorted!


Regarding my jewellery making, I’m going to make a really good go of it this year.

Mine are:

  • Get my blog up and running
  • Set up my shop – here and on Etsy
  • Getting a mailing list and publishing a type of newsletter
  • Setting up an Youtube channel
  • Attending more craft fairs

The blog aspect of my website and plan isn’t a completely new venture for me. I did write one a few years ago on Blogger/, but sadly it fizzled out. It was that I found it difficult to find things to blog/write about. What I am going to do though, is to copy and paste my previous blogs from that site (and then shut the page down – if that is at all possible) to help inspire me to blog about other subjects.

If you – dear reader – have any suggestions as to what I can blog about, whether it is jewellery themed, craft themed or even something else, please leave your suggestions on the comments of this particular blog post. Any help/ideas is very much appreciated.


Another goal I’ve set myself this year and to hopefully complete by the end of it, is to set up an Youtube channel. This way I can then visualise my blogs and maybe do some tutorials; how to make basic jewellery, etc. Of course, I won’t give away all my secrets in my jewellery making, but your thoughts on this too would be greatly appreciated.

Mailing list/Newsletter

As for the mailing list and a type of newsletter, it would include craft fair dates, Facebook or Instagram competitions, coupons for my shop, first refusals of items before they go on general sale and quite possibly a ‘mini blog’. This could maybe alternate with the blog? Blog one week and the newsletter the week after?

Craft Fairs

This is a common goal for those who are in the craft fair circle. I’m already booked on a few. Pop over to my Events page and have a look. My main aim is to look for fairs and not to let them pass me by. Which tends to be the case: I find out about them too near to get booked onto them, even during the event or after it.

I did attend a large craft fair in Leyland last year but it wasn’t for me. It’s tried and tested and put down to experience. Again, I might try to get myself booked onto another large fair and give it a go.


So this is my plan, my new outlook and new goals for 2019.