Film Jewellery Trivia
29 Sep, 2018

I am a film fan. I own approximately 250 DVDs and 150 Blu-rays. I own TV box sets from BBCs Merlin and Outlander to film franchises like Marvel. I enjoy most genres, I say most as I am not a huge fan of the horror and the scary films; not a fan of the idea of scaring yourself for the sake of it. Plus I suffer from ‘over active imagination’. So as you could imagine: watch a scary film, every shadow, noise, etc – something is out to get me.

Well… if you ever see me run then it would mean that something is definitely chasing me!!!!!

Part of what makes a film is the costumes. Not just the fabrics that cover the bodies of our favourite actors but there’s the accessories too.

Have you seen the film Moulin Rouge? The Baz Luhrmann musical about a penniless writer who falls for the courtesan?

At one point, the courtesan (Satine) played by Nicole Kidman is given a necklace to wear. It’s beautiful; made from diamonds and platinum. And it should be, it was specifically made for the film and to this day it is the most expensive necklace ever to grace the silver screen. The Stefano Canturi necklace is made from 1,308 diamonds and worth an estimated U.S $1 million!

One piece of trivia if you ever need it for a pub quiz.

Another piece is from Disney remaking their films. Cinderella (2015), directed by Sir Kenneth Branagh. If you have watched the special features from this film you may know this already. The jewellery worn by the characters are a part of Swarovski’s archive jewellery. The company approached the film production and asked if they were interested. I would be too if they asked me. All the jewellery and all the sparkle from the dresses (and even the glass slippers I think) are Swarovski. Around 10,000 Swarovski crystals are in the blue dress Cinderella wears to the ball!!

Talk about adding sparkle to your outfit.

This is why I love films and own so many. I enjoy watching how the films are made and what inspires the production to go down certain routes. It fascinates me.