Adapting and Evolving
29 Sep, 2018

I enjoy my creative side. Making jewellery and crafts, but I am aware that there is so many other people who do the same thing.

How on Earth do you get yourself noticed?


Go with the natural flow.

Mine, I feel is evolving into creating kits.

I still make jewellery, not as much as I did when I first started – I just jumped in without thinking and now make something when there is a need.

I will continue to make crafts that incorporate gemstones; trinket boxes, etc. Though, I feel that creating jewellery making kits that are affordable and fun will be a great road to go down. Currently I have only done a keyring kit and I am hoping to develop my earring and elastic bracelet kits. Not only will I provide the materials (customers will have to provide any tools that are needed), there will be instructions and when I can, I will make a couple of ‘how to videos’/tutorials that will be on my website via YouTube.

Which reminds me, I better ask my brother on how exactly you do that.

As I’ve said, there are so many people out there in the crafting world who make jewellery but I have noticed – especially in the area I live in – that there aren’t many jewellers who sell jewellery kits.

So I can sell the kits, ready made jewellery that involves singular items all the way to mystery goody bags, Gem bugs (I love my bugs! I give them names and provide a little information about the stone) and trinket/jewellery boxes.

Not everyone wears or knows someone who wears jewellery, so I think in having a little bit of everything rather than one lot something will widen my chances in not only getting the stall fee back but gaining profit.

After leaving high school, I attended my local college and studied business and one of the things that I took from the two years I was there, was looking for the gap in the market. Yes, there are jewellers that I am in competition with at craft fairs and there are other stallholders who sell DIY kits but I have not seen jewellery DIY kits. Again, yes, you can buy jewellery kits online and possibly in some arts and crafts shops but you don’t see them at craft fairs.

Emaz Beadz is ever evolving. I will continue to use Beadz in my work, whether it is through ready made jewellery or jewellery making kits.